A portfolio of photographs by Yuval Cadmon.

These works show paths of light in space achieved by a precise registration of light in time.

© Copyright 2010, Yuval Cadmon

contact: ycadmon@gmail.com

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23 October 2010



Unknown said...

Yuval Cadmon, architect and artist, explores the behavior of light with his photographs. Art and quantum physics perfectly fuse showing light as matter and energy, wave and particle. As he says, he is thrilled by the possibility of sculpting the space with light. And ribbons, bridges, rivers, borders, highways, leaves, knives, swords, and many other shapes appear to the mesmerized eyes of the observer who is an active player in the perception of the photos. I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures by Yuval!
Graciela Brelles-MariƱo

Yuval Cadmon said...

Thank you Graciela. I'm honoured by your kind words.
I hope you'll like my next posts as you liked this one.