A portfolio of photographs by Yuval Cadmon.

These works show paths of light in space achieved by a precise registration of light in time.

© Copyright 2010, Yuval Cadmon

contact: ycadmon@gmail.com

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27 August 2011

Through the window

A glimpse of reality through a tinny hole in an opaque window. The view, showing trees, buildings, some cars, is revealed as if painted in the endless plane of time. Each image is a one take long exposure photograph. No photoshop editing used.
It's like looking through a keyhole and trying to get a view of the hole picture. I shall call it  Keyhole Traces of Light

11 April 2011

Solo Exhibition in Nes Ziona Cultural Center-1.4.11-21.4.11

Traces of light & color

"Sudden revelation" - 2011 - 39x39 cm
Printed on Digigraphie authorised canvas
Edition is limited to 20 copies
This print is numbered 1/20

11 March 2011

"Smoke & Fire"

I will be participating in an  exhibition named "Smoke & Fire" that will take place at the firefighting forces station in Katzrin beginning 14th of March.
This exhibition is organized in honor of the firemen of Israel. The terrible fire in the Carmel mountains which occurred last December has caused the death of 44 citizens. The public painfully discovered that the firefighting forces have been suffering from a disgraceful lack of budget. 
A group of 45 artists from all over the country will be participating. I have decided to address four factors which I consider to be the principal themes in this saga: Fire, Water, The Human Factor and Nature. 
These are my photographs:

08 February 2011

Crystalline blues

This series of long exposure photographs deals with flowing transparency, trying to capture the magic of petrified movement.